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Tariff Calculator 2017

With the implementation of the new tariff, Infraquinta provides the option to install a 2nd water meter for exclusive use in irrigation.
Use our calculator so that, according to your consumption profile, you may check which of the options is more favorable to you. In order to do so, you need to have your last bill and to enter the requested data.
Diameter (in mm) of the water meter installed in your house:
Estimated monthly consumption (m3):
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Comparison between using one water meter and two water meters
1 Water meter 2 Water meters
Water Supply (WS)
Fixed Rate
Variable Rate + WRR*
Waste Water (WW)
Fixed Rate
Variable Rate + WRR*
Urban Waste (UW)
Fixed Rate
Variable Rate + WRR*
Monthly Total WS WW UW
Total Fixed Rate
Total Variable Rate

You Save

Values without VAT.
*The Environment and Infrastructures Quality Rate (EIQR) is added to the indicated value. We suggest consulting the respective Rate on this site.